Breakfast Ideas

3 SIMPLE And QUICK Breakfast Ideas…

Three super quick breakfast ideas to make ahead. Banana Pancakes 2 bananas 4 eggs 1 tsp baking powder Mix in blender and pour on a buttered griddle Toad …

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  1. Hello our friends! Loved seeing Jedediah help you make breakfast. What a blessing! Those are some nice eggs, good size. We always called our Toads on a Stool, Eyes of Newt. I'm sure there are so many fun names for them though. The pancakes looked delicious too! What a yummy breakfast! Go Chiefs!!!! We are rooting for our home town team from the road. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Looks amazing great recipe and tutorial like I said before yinz could totally do a cooking show on a network sledgehammered that like button and a enjoyed watch

  3. The struggle is real! Fixing a good breakfast every morning is a challenge. Thank you for sharing. Did you make your sourdough? Your son is precious! Great video! God bless y’all❤️

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