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3 Quick & Easy Low Calorie Snack Ideas // MUST TRY!

In today’s video I’m going to share with you my current 3 favourite low calorie snacks. These are all healthy snacks that I eat weekly. I decided to do this video …

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  1. I do love this video & wow it’s so awesome & creative for you to do vegan/non vegan. I’d like to add, the first snack isn’t low calorie in my opinion, 188 for vegan 167 for non vegan plus 130 in graham crackers or 23 for a rice thin still makes them both around 200 or more depending what you choose, It is lower than an average dessert yes & I do like the creativity of the video but I would just say lower calorie version of great snacks not “low calorie” but again only my opinion I did highly appreciate the video!

  2. So delicious the ice cream I made banana ice cream but the banana was way to door and I added peanut butter but for mme the taste was to heavy so probably Will make this one

  3. Ooo this is the very first video I’ve ever watched of her. She’s so bright and uplifting especially during these times of disconnecting from people and concerns about our health. It’s wholesome videos like these that brighten a day of feeling alone.

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