Vegan Recipes

3 MUST TRY Vegan Lunch Recipes [Easy & Budget-Friendly]

I hope you guys are doing well wherever you’re watching from in the world. Here are 3 Healthy vegan meals that we’ve been enjoying lately at home. I hope this …

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  1. Hi sis my name is evans and m from india….I saw your vedios regularly…..I js love it your vedios…. really you looking gorgeous sis ..and your all recipes is very healthy…we are eating also vegitables and green leafy curries only….that's I love to watch your vedios…. your daughter is cutie pie and your husband also looking very healthy ..I jst love your family… God bless you abundantly…@evans🙏

  2. Bonjour,
    Cela fait un moment que je suis vos vidéos, elles sont super. J'ai juste une question, comment avez-vous cuisiné les patates douces de la première recette, elles semblent être rôties.
    Merci pour toutes les recettes, bonne continuation ❤️

  3. The first meal was delicious I love the sweetness of the potatoes pop up the taste❤❤❤❤ more recipes PLEASE you help me a lot in my journey beginning a vegan Im now a vegetarian it really hard for me and son to give up mac and cheese… I need a good vegan mac and cheese recipe please

  4. I get sooooo excited when you post because I know it’s going to be filled with amazing vegan lifestyle!! Please do a all about your pregnancy journey!! You look amazingly beautiful and always at peace!!! Chelsea scared me with that big knife but she’s being careful and watched by y’all! 🙏🏼💜☮️🌟

  5. How and why did you start eating this way? Are there any books or dr's advice that you follow? What results have you noticed since beginning to eat/live this way? Do you have further health goals?

  6. What do you suggest as a substitute for seaweed or those black flat hemp squares
    that you add to salads because they contain lots of iodine which l am allergic to.

  7. What do you do with the pulp of the smoothies,do you add them to your salads or broth when you make soups? I love seeing lil Chelsea eat good and healthy foods with such gusto.She isn't a picky eater at all.
    She is such a blessing.

  8. Definitely share more. I hope to eat as healthy as you do regularly. I’m a do good during the week and go nuts on bad food during the weekend vegan (3 day weekends every week). You really inspire me. Love your videos 😊

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