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3 HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN RECIPES | a full day of meals 💪🏾

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  1. 🖐🏻 Hi! I have a question….maybe you can help. I have had trouble finding my protein target. I am an overweight, older female, yet pretty active. I take vigorous hikes and do heavy yard work. I have been vegan (or veganish) for many years. As a result of being overweight yet active my protein target seems really high when I calculate it…and hard to hit. Is their a ceiling to the number of grams of protein we need?

  2. Your videos make me happy… I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's how you get straight to the point.. I don't know but your videos are great and very easy to watch. I don't feel the need to skip to the point, you just get there! Also, great energy!

  3. Okay you have convinced me to try this because I love how I feel when I don’t eat meat and dairy but I was lost at how to make it a lifestyle change. I look forward to this and keep making videos. I’m day one 😊

  4. Wow I'm such a huge fan of your work!! Gonna show this to my husband who says to need protein for sports.. Thanks to you I finally find delicious recipes that are high in protein!

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