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3 Healthy snacks during these quarantine times! I hope you like these very easy but so so good recipes. Quarantine snacks: BANANA & PEANUT BITES 1 …

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  1. Made the bread and must say it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the effort I can see it takes you doing all these youtube and instagram posts

  2. It’s a weird request, but would you feel comfy talking about your tattoos. What they mean, your thought process in getting them, how long it took and what the cost was. I’m just really interested in getting a sleeve done myself and I need some inspiration and ideas.

  3. Hola! Just tried one of your shoulder workouts – I FELT THE BURN…YEAH! Just subscribed too, my spouse and I became instant fans – your shining personality is awesome and can't wait to try these recipes! Tack sa mycket!

  4. Vilka bra tips! Jag har ett fysiskt krävande jobb så jag behöver många mellisar på jobbet. Önskar verkligen att jag tyckte om jordnötssmör men jag lyckas inte lära mig att äta… 🙁 Ska man ha sötat eller ej, tro? Jag provade Icas ekologiska som varken var sötad eller saltad. Jag kör istället med kanel, kardemumma och keso till bananen 🙂 Måste prova brödet! Tack Hanna, sluta aldrig vara den härliga roliga inspiration som du är!

  5. Girl, you have no idea how much these healthy snack ideas are helping me! I’m documenting my weight loss journey on yours to lose 100lbs and I have always struggled with the food part… well I guess technically I struggled with all of the parts or I wouldn’t be 100lbs over-weight lol???? but I digress…

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