3 DETOX SALAD RECIPES | Easy & Healthy Recipes

Wanna do a sugar detox? Kick your sugar habit: → Take the 7-Day Sugar Free Challenge: Here are THREE healthy, delicious and …

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  2. Tried the Carrot and cinnamon one last night with some baked meatballs (Lentils actually but don't tell the kids) and it was delish. I made a double batch so we have some for lunch today. I added raw Broccoli and some pumpkin seeds to the salad for some more bulk and it was super yummy. Thank you from Fiji ????❤️

  3. thank you.. am totally addicted to a good salad. I love making Tabooleh coz it is really healthy for me and my husband. I love your ideas and the way you use your fingers to mix it. My mom use to say that we all have good chemicals on the tips of our finger and that too go inside the salad.

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