Meat Recipes

20 Of The Best Chicken Recipes

Caught in a cooking rut? Well Twisted is here to help with these delicious and easy to make chicken recipes. In this cooking video, you will guarantee to find a …

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  1. hey, great video guys- can I request that you make pootine, in the style of Norman Summerton? He's got a unique way of cooking and I think it'd be something good to share with the world. Thanks.

  2. I don't eat meat or dairy anymore but my god for some of these I'd risk it all.. Side note why is there porn music playing 😭💀😂 I mean it makes sense but threw me off at first ctfu.

  3. I have skipped all of Twisted
    's advice from my comfort zone and now. I even created a youtube channel to follow my progress. I share content daily. I would like to get some support / feedback, so please subscribe and check. Peace

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