2 Min Mug Cake Recipe – Super Soft & Rich Eggless Microwave Cakes – CookingShooking

In this video, we will cook together 2 minute mug cake recipes, this is a very easy and very tasty, rich and spongy eggless cake recipe, made right in microwave …

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  1. I really liked ur receipe sir its so simple and nothing hidden. My family liked the mug cake I made after watching your vedio. Superb work sir. Really appreciate. Thank you so much for making such types of vedios.

  2. I tried thus recipe according to given quantity..but batter doesn't make half cup…
    P.s(cup is exactly equivalent to yours)
    You should tell others abt exact measurements….
    Anywayss that good😍

  3. Please do try it, it came out so good that I can't even explain
    I made this in lockdown


  4. Super convinient ! Thank you! Realised i didnt hv baking powder , used another pinch of soda &…. it worked!! Substitued 1tbsp of homemade yoghurt ( dahi) fr condensed milk( didnt hv that either!! )&…. worked!

  5. I tried this recipe just now and it really came out very well!! So happy finally got one good recipe.. One question though, if we do not have condensed milk or malai what could be done to make it more soft?

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