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Today I am sharing 4 healthy meal ideas with you that all come in at under 50p per head. I am a strong believer in feeding my family nutritious and well balanced …

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  1. Hi Guys, thank you so much for joining in with my first ever premier video 🙂 I loved chatting to you all.. I have now lost all of your comments so if I didn't get around the replying to you then I am so sorry.. I will try and find the comments and go through them all 🙂 Thank you again for joining in.. that was FUN 🙂 xxxx

  2. Kerry – There are loads of comments on here (not surprising given the quality of the content + presentation) Please tell us – what was it that you sprinkled on top of the Spaghetti Carbonara?

  3. Hi Kerry. Thank you so much for this video. Is there any chance that you would add the recipe for each meal in the description in the future? I know you’ve done enough sharing your ideas but when I’m shopping I usually just screen shot the recipe lists that I get from other channels. Thanks for these ideas x

  4. something I wonder about. OK, people will seem to spend more on their car, house, clothes than they do on food, and yet we are an organism, and you would think people would spend far more on fuel for the very organism we are.

  5. This video is an absolute revelation!! Thank you for putting the time and effort with clear instructions on making those gem recipes. Not only I will be saving money, but I will be set with healthy eating!!!

  6. If you buy onions they cheaper and on a day that you have a little spare time cut them up and then freeze them yourself ..would be even cheaper …also home brand things and fruit and veg from a market stall is a lot cheaper also

  7. I loved this video!! I am going to do these meals to save some cash before christmas. Saw yours and Laras video yesterday and have been binge watching her previous posts. You two are full of great advice and content. Thanks for all the tips. x

  8. Well,it won't cost that little if you have to buy all ingredients, however I started subscribing you, because I really need some changes when it comes to my food spending

  9. Loving this Kerry. Hubby has just lost his job and we need to cut back, so these ideas are great. Just need to find similar ingredients in France (where I live) but they won't be as cheap as Tesco that's for sure lol xx

  10. Just made the chick pea and rice curry. So tasty. Don't be afraid to nuts with the spices. I wasn't shy about the garahm masala in particular. I am also cooking a chicken I got reduced and will shred some of that up to have with it. Yum yum yum.

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