18 EXCLUSIVE Snacks You'll ONLY Find in Disney World's Hollywood Studios!

We’re wrapping up our EXCLUSIVE snack tour around the world — Disney World that is! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite snacks that you can only find …

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  1. Simply looking at that funnel cake makes my insulin spike!!

    Just because you put the word "fancy" in front of a poptart, doesn't change it from being a poptart. Yuk!!

  2. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CHANNEL! I am going to Disney World for the first time and I’m 23 I got my fast passes booked because of you, I know where I am going to want to eat at counter service, I am ready for a chill day (cancelled our dinner reservation in another park because – no rush it’s my first time!!!). I am learning sooo much and appreciate Disney more each day. Thank you! ❤️????????

  3. Good grief this video just totally triggered a cookie craving. Cookies are definitely not on the eating plan but wow i want one of those big cookies so much! 🙂

  4. The mask pretzel is wicked expensive! I can get a big Mickey pretzel with nacho cheese sauce at Disneyland for cheaper. That’s crazy. I wanted to try one when I go in September, but I might pass on that

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