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13 Best Weeknight Pasta Dinner Ideas

The dreaded question…what’s for dinner tonight? Don’t fret, Twisted has you covered with these tasty and one of a kind creamy pasta ideas. Perfect for any …

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  1. What type of pot or pan is that you guys cook in? Is it a cast iron skillet of some kind? Or something else? I'm never sure what to use from our own pots and pans at home when I see how you guys fit everything in one pan like that. I tried doing a pasta recipe in our cast iron skillet once and the thing got so chocked full of stuff. The pasta and veggies and meat was too much and the pasta didn't cook properly. Is there a particular size or depth of pan that should be used?

  2. As someone who loves to cook pasta dishes, I'm going to try all these. My boyfriend isn't keen on stuff like this, but I think some of these might just convert him.

  3. Honestly who gives videos like this a thumbs down. Some people really surprises me. Why not pass if you don't like? This is the best package ever. I'm gonna spoil my family

  4. If you want a great selection of traditional regional Italian dishes you should check out Carmela Sophia Sereno she has a couple of books out and a third on the way

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