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10 Vegan Hacks You've Gotta Try

What are your favorite vegan hacks? CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS FOR THE RECIPES & CLIPS I FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: Banana Nice Cream: …

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  1. I watched What The Health yesterday and it was beyond eye opening. I got up, called my husband and said this is what I'm thinking.  I went to Costco's and Sprouts last night for Plant-Based items to get us started on our new journey. hamburgers I had previous saw and refused to touch, until I gain new knowledge from WTH documentary. The employee told me about Chipotle Black Bean Burger which was surprisingly GREAT and then he said if you're just starting out going plant-base you need to watch this lady who does SweetPotatoSoul on YouTube, she can help you get started on your journey. She's vegan, but she an awesome starting point.

    Today is the first day my husband and I are starting a Plant-Based Lifestyle! I made my first dish using Avocado Oil…
    I sauteed portobello mushrooms, cauliflower, fresh green onions, and tomatoes and then poured then over organic butter lettuce. OMG, it was really good. I've watch several of your SweetPotatoSoul videos this afternoon and I was so excited by them all, especially the many dishes that you and make or create. I was Blown Away by the Fried Chicken Cauliflower and the recipes that I can't wait to try. I ordered your new SweetPotatoSoul Cook Book! I can't wait to watch more videos and learn how my husband and I can be GREAT on our new Plant-Base journey! Running out the door to go to Whole Food next in moderation! Blessings

  2. There is more to improve beyond being vegan. If you drive a gas car, that's another problem. You are killing people by burning dinosour juice. If you're not in a culturally different relationship of different shades of skin, they can accuse you of being racist. Same problem if you use a gas stove. You are polluting. You were not born a boy/girl twin and you drank from a mother that was not a mixed couple, worse if the girls did not get milk from the breast of their father. Breastfed by the same sex is a problem, it cuts out and you get the terrible twos. Nature will give you trouble to the very end. It does not mean you might as well give up. You can still at least,be in the right direction. Like using a vedic oven with olive oil to cook a vegan meal. Driving a Tesla or an Arcimodo or any electric vehicle. Share your vegan meals etc. Get your a girlfriend working on those male nipples. Stop stinging like a bee. Good actions and intensions go far.

  3. I have learned that it was better to have coffee in a findjal ( small ceramic cup) from a from a djebena ( earthen or metal closed pot) like you have in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. Not quite sure what is done in kenya and Somalia but the lady boils water for one complete day in it before the first time she uses it. No other way to clean it. No other way to have the bacteria that can deal with roasted beans. Otherwise you constipate and you end up defecating tree branches the hard way. Better from a djebena, it gets stronger than expresso.

  4. I'm not vegan, but I'm trying to eat a more plant-based diet and only getting my animal products, like eggs, cheese, and honey, etc. from local farms where the animals are free range and are not factory farmed. Still trying to figure out ethically sourced seafood, but I've found that I'm so much happier eating more plants, fruits, grains, etc. than animal products. These tips have been really helpful!!!! Would love to see some videos from you on ethical/vegan skin care/beauty, fashion, cleaning products, and other lifestyle tips!!!!!!!

  5. I work nights and my instapot is my absolute best friend! When I come home from work I can just ladle out a nice bowl of stew (my favorite is red lentil sweet potato with kale and coconut milk). So happy that YouTube and wonderful vegans like you are here for us!

  6. Your energy is contagious! It was so obvious how passionate you are and how eager you were to share this! You inspired me to look into more vegan options in my meals! 🙌🥗

  7. Eating vegan is great. Love this channel and make many of your recipes. But why eat vegan for the environment and then use food packaged in plastic? Consider minimal waste products to cut down on the plastic we are putting into the environment. Even during covid – it can be done!

  8. I'm vegan and I drink coffee but don't even bother to front my vegan milk and just dump it in like "who cares if it's creamer or milk i just need my caffeine"

  9. I started on my vegan journey during this pandemic and have lost a couple pounds but the change is my skin is out of this world. The dark circles under my eyes are fading and I just feel healthier. Thank you for being you.

  10. She’s just vegan not talented in my opinion. There’s nothing new or creative that she does. I should start my own channel because it seems like any Tom Dick and Harry can do well on youtube. I’m shocked that her food sells at Whole Foods as well. It probably tastes blah. And here comes comments that tell me that I’m mean. I know that so STFU. Can’t hide and sugar coat how I feel.

  11. Don't be so concerned about following specific recipes. Buy what looks good in the veggie and fruit section and see what you can do with it when you get home 😀 And always have lentils, beans and canned tomato in the kitchen! <3

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