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  1. Hi (to all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Oh, but nothing really…………

    Although, idk but something about the 2 songs that I kept playing on repeat………….
    10,000 hours
    they make me feel good.
    it’s like
    “a cheerful song mixed with a low-key emotional song”

    Everytime when I listen to the song “Memories”……. (right after 10,000 hours)…….
    Well because the lyrics resonates with me a lot.
    And……….. the word
    Is a simple/vague word, that hold a lot of meaning.
    I get a lot of “memories” that give me a lot of “feels” but I’m not exactly sure what the memory is.

    Just, every time I hear the word “memories” I guess it……..

    “Reminds me of all the “memories” I ever had…..”

    (vague but strong…….. it’s kind of hard to explain idk)

    (It’s like a “strong feeling” that I get but can’t really explain clearly what it is)
    I guess I could pretty much sum up the feeling as a whole as.


    But uhm yeah……

    Going to bed now, (have to wake up early tomorrow, I might just take Uber actually)

    To (all my 100% loyal family)

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi (to all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Oh and a morning post
    (wanted to post something for fun , but obviously still relevant since im a 684 the truth teller and I been one over that before)

    Oh and that is (about my 100% loyal family)

    I think I figured out A LOT of important information now.

    My dad is a ISTP. And he is black.
    (And obviously I’m not racist and I been over this already)
    And he’s a 152
    (My dad is the Australian)
    (And he is shadow/sky’s of, and he is a 5 because
    In the song
    “I’m yours”
    It says
    “My name is my virtue”
    (Although technically the virtues of 5’s isn’t detachment, but that’s the idea)
    And his name is
    “Abbadon” = “Abandon”
    And that’s why he is a 5.
    And he’s also most likely a 1 because well of the vibes of Doc Mare.
    And how he was “labeled after ben”
    (Well had somewhat symbolism I think)
    (who was an obvious 1 and a J)
    But an ISTP can definitely still be a 152.
    (Well obviously)

    (And it makes sense that,
    “Bain was never in danger” well because.
    I remember back in osrs. (Like REALLY early)
    The person named “Doc Mare” or something like that.
    He said.
    “I don’t judge women by their looks, I was taught better than that”
    (And then he said something about “Facebook” after that lol)
    (And that’s most likely just a hilarious way for an ISTP to tell me that, the girl I thought I liked back then was fat and ugly)

    (Oh obviously I hate all fugly and fat people, but I just didn’t know that she was fugly and fat(well medium) back then.)
    (But obviously this doesn’t apply to all my 100% loyal family, since they are my 100% loyal family and I been over all of this before)

    And “Sigmar” is a 3w4. ISTP
    And Golden is on his side. Golden is 278 ESFP.

    And I actually have no females enemies.
    (But the girl (1 of them) are just the tool that Sigmar uses to get at me, since he’s an ISTP and super slow)
    But yeah so that’s that.

    (Oh and also

    And so I wanted to talk about well, my bushcrafting trips
    (I’m super excited for that) (well I always had a passion for that)

    There’s so many things I could do.
    And I just ABSOLUTELY love,
    (Listening to music, meditating, and reading my books in the quiet and beautiful nature environment, well part of it is the “silence” and quiet it really makes me feel good for some reason)

    I’m excited to practice my bushcrafting skills (Pretty much a lot of things to do)

    And I still have a lot of things to buy actually, but I guess the actual
    (date to go to bushcrafting will actually be delayed somewhat)
    Well because I still need to buy quite a few things (but I can’t buy them, since I’m spending “like a good portion” of my remaining money
    (most likely 1k + after I sell a few “of my own stuff” and I get my refund for my custom iPod)

    I’ll be spending a good portion of that money on my eBay business.
    (But that’s a good thing though) (Obviously)

    And that should be all for the morning post.
    (And ofc I have my lifetime connection with all my 100% loyal family)

    To (all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Thanks for reading!

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