Vegan Recipes

1 Week of Simple Vegan Lunches

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  1. Your meals are a good start for the veganuary. I am not a vegan and I think I will never gonna be, but its a good challenge and a good start to eat less meat and less animal products.

  2. omg the i made the crepes with the same toppings plus sprouts and edamame and i can only say WOW This ist my absolute favourite food now omgggg it´s so good. Thank you so so much for the other recipes as well 🙂 The noodles and the sauce are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  3. i used to eat very unhealthy, but your videos have inspired me to start making healthier choices. im vegetarian now and slowing into being vegan. love your videos!!💗

  4. im not vegan but im addicted to your voice. 0:45 , cutting up one leek , can i say that , one leek. omg .

    it gives me the feeling to listen to the beautiful voice of my wife.

    ( i dun have one )

  5. Beautiful video- as always! You seem so nice in your videos 🙂 did you know beyond meat is coming to Germany? Apparently they got a contract with Lidl! And where did you get that yoghurt? It looked really nice (still trying to find that perfect vegan yoghurt)!

  6. Mina I am in love with the vegan life style! I've been around yuor channel for some time cuz of the beauty of the presentation and the positivity and the amazing food (that I just don't afford). But…..whenever i see you cut or preparing something i can tell you have no inclination towards cooking

  7. Another gorgeous vid Mina! You’re awesome ❤️
    Btw I have a vegetarian/vegan friendly channel: “Lê K” and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out

  8. i'm from the netherlands! it's so normal to get like a small cookie or cake with a hot drink, i did not realize this is very dutch haha

  9. the food looks so delicious, your voice is so soothing, and the aesthetics of the vid is 😍😍love everything about you and your channel and you always inspire me everyday 💜I hope you always continue sharing your recipes with us!!!!

  10. Hi adore your recipes and lovely voice. Wondering if u have any recipes for scones? I have one that I will make soon. We will see! But love to see if u have any. Xoxo

  11. Eine Kartoffel für 50 min im Ofen? Das sind konservativ geschätzt 3 KW/h. Bei 0,5 Kg pro KW sind das 1,5 kg CO2. Da hat sogar eine Bratwurst über Holzkohle gegrillt ein bessere CO2-Billanz. Aber lecker sah schon aus 🙂

  12. As someone who's previously suffered from anorexia, I love your videos! They're just about the FOOD. So many other vegans here on youtube go on and on about how nutritious this and this is, and how bad this and this is for you, and it's so obvious they are suffering from orthorexia and disordered thoughts which is really difficult to watch. I'm so glad you just show us simple food joy, just like it SHOULD be! I'm always inspired by your recipes!

  13. Didn't know the dark chocolate granola from Alnatura was actually vegan…i think i once wanted to buy but didn't because it wasn't

  14. I think a really cool video idea would be like adding onto vegan instant foods. Like buying frozen meals or vegan meats from the store but adding your own twist by adding ingredients

  15. Tip: the Paprika and leek go in last since they have the shortest time to get soft. If you add carrot,as example,you’d add them first since they are the ones who take the longest to cook through.the veg will get soggy otherwise.

  16. Glad you are on the mend!
    Btw, it wasn't leek in that 1st recipe, but it was scallions/green onions. Or…was it a very small thin leek? Idk. Anyways all recipes looked YUM!

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