Jared and Britt are back in the kitchen baking a strawberry shortcake for This Is How We Bingham! Britt Bingham teaches you an easy strawberry shortcake …

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  1. Hey fam! We had SO much fun doing a YouTube Live with This Is How We Bingham!! #TIHWB ❤️ Here's how cute Britt made the delicious strawberry shortcake that almost made Branden fall over with excitement! 😍🍰

  2. Hey Britt, I could not find the cake/reaction video…? TIHWB said you would post on your Vlog. The final video in your kitchen makes the how recipe look delicious. Keep up the good work on the vlog. I’m trying to get my chAnnel off and running. Hope Finn is doing much better. God Bless you and yours from Alabama! Nancy

  3. I love you guys, I'm a quiet person, I like to read mystery and western books and watch YT videos.You two, Branden and Mindy and the kids are so high energy, I love watching all of you. God bless all of you. Love, hugs and kitty kisses (that's when they touch noses.) Meow.

  4. I would sit in school and twirl my earrings, just balls. I wore it right through. At school they called my ear cow tite’s. So my Dr. sewed them back together. My other ear was just about through, he said if u want the other ear fixed I can do it next weekend. Heck no, I was in high school, didn’t want to miss my friends 2 weeks in a row. When I touch my ear I can still feel we’re it was joined. Just fyi👍💕

  5. I love how y'all interact with each other. I can feel the love you share for each other. Its so good to see the commitment as its not the "norm" for people of your age. Thank you for being a great example.

  6. You guys are such a cute couple! I have enjoyed watching y'all since y'all first started. Britt thank you for this recipe looks super delish and can't wait to try and make it!
    You guys going live would be awesome!

  7. Thanks for the recipe . It looks delicious . I have two nonverbal Autistic daughters and they love anything that has cake. Definitely doing that for them this weekend minus the wipe cream 😋💕

  8. I saw the live and it was fun😃
    I would love to be on your LIVE if you are doing😊
    You guys should collab with TIHWB and DanandChell⭐️⭐️⭐️

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