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घर पर बनाये आसान तरीके से रसगुल्ले | Rasgulla Recipe | Spongy Chenna Rasgulla

Spongy Rasgulla or rosogulla is one of the popular Indian sweet, that is made by curdling milk. All the festivals are incomplete without this sweet dish. Loved by …

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  1. my rasgullas turned out so teriffic…. they got doubled in size …but they we not that soft as you shows… they didnt even soak dat sugar syrup……………..

  2. I tried the recipe. It didn't turned out well. I added less than half lemon for removing the impurities of the sugar syrup, just at when the syrup was at boil I'd put the rasgullas, after a moment they all lost there intactness and became a mess. Don't know why? I wondered was lemon actually needed?

  3. आपने इतने अच्छे ढंग से रसगुल्ले बनाए कुछ लोगों ने इस वीडियो को डिसलाइक भी किया।मुझे समझ नहीं आता क्या वह बहुत बड़े हलवाई हैं।
    मैंने भी ट्राई किया बहुत अच्छे रसगुल्ले बने
    थैंक यू वेरी मच

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